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Packaging Creator User Manual

How to create the perfect packaging for your business?

1. Create your packaging using a ready-made background or by uploading your own graphics. Choose the packaging style: premium or eco, the size and quantity of packaging you need!

2. After completing the configuration, place an order and wait for contact from our consultant who will confirm the project with you and ask for any necessary additional files.

3. After accepting the project, make the payment and wait for us to deliver your packaging to the place given!

Do you want to design your own print on the mailer box in the Pack2You design creator? Or maybe you already have the finished project and you decided to outsource the production to us? Here you will find answers to questions that customers ask us during this process.

How to design the print on the packaging?

If you have your own graphics (logo, images or text), upload them to the 3D creator and apply them to the packaging grid. Preview what the packaging looks like in 3D visualization and apply all corrections. Once you’re ready, you can proceed directly to checkout. If you want to come back to it, you can save it and even share it with your friends or colleagues!

In the case of mailer boxes, we can print on the outside and inside of the package. In the 3D creator, you can design the graphics outside the box yourself. For graphics on the inside, please contact us: If you order solid cardboard packaging or wine product boxes, then the standard print is provided on the outside of the packaging. You can do it yourself using the 3D creator. If you want to print also the inner surface of these packages, please send an e-mail to: We’ll see what we can do 🙂

Our dedicated in-house team will review your custom packaging design for all technical aspects (graphic resolution, blur, splits, fine lines and bleeds). If you’re unsure how to resolve any printing issues you see, our print experts will be happy to help you with the process. Please note that our team does not check for spelling or grammar errors. We also do not provide subjective opinions on the content of the project.

The 3D Pack2You creator is a simple and intuitive tool. All you need to use it is any computer, tablet or even a phone. You can design your own print from any device.

In the 3D Pack2You creator, we design all graphic elements on the basis of a flat grid. It shows the project from the outside. To see how the project will look on the packaging after printing, go to the 3D visualization. You can enable this option in the bottom left corner of the configurator.

How to place an order for packaging production?

The delivery time for most standard orders is about 10 working days from the moment of accepting the order. This term does not include transit time (1-3 business days depending on location). Bulk orders or special custom orders may require a few extra days to set up and produce.

After the payment, our team will check your project for all technical aspects and send a digital proof of order to your email address within 24 hours. If we notice the need to make any changes, we will contact you to finalize the order.

If you have questions about pricing, print design, or the status of your order, our customer service team will be happy to help! Contact us here:

How much does the production of printed packaging cost?

Select packaging type, size, material and quantity in our free calculator. When you specify these parameters, the estimated price for a single package will immediately appear in the lower section of the calculator.

The price we show in the calculator is the price of one package with the specified dimensions while ordering a given number of pieces.

The price is influenced by five things: the type of packaging (a mailer box, a solid cardboard box or a wine product box have different prices due to their construction), size, material from which the box is to be made and the number of pieces (the higher the quantity, the lower the price).

Do you have additional questions?
Contact us: We will be happy to help!

For the production of standard packaging, we use E-flute cardboard (approx. 2mm high) with a weight of approx. 380 g/m2. It is a material that sufficiently protects the products of our customers.